How to distinguish medical masks?

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First, regular disposable medical scalpels are packaged, and the product registration number will be strictly indicated on the package.
You can log in to the website of the State Drug Administration and enter the instruction number on the website. Again, select the appropriate product by location. After entering the website, you can see whether the giraffe you purchased is a single-use giraffe or a single-use surgical giraffe.


Disposable Medical Face Mask

In addition to the product registration number, there will also be production standards on the packaging. The standard for anti-smog masks is GB2626-2006; the production standard for medical protective masks such as Kn95 or N95 is GB19083-2010; and the most widely used standard for medical surgical masks is YY0469-2011. You can take a closer look.
Second, there are of course three layers of regular disposable medical surgery, and we can cut it out. The outer two layers are simulated non-woven fabrics, and the middle is melt-blown non-woven fabrics. The ordinary non-woven fabric of the inner layer mainly absorbs the moisture and moisture released by the wearer. Waterproof non-woven fabrics have better water resistance, mainly liquid and large particles of impurities.
The role of the middle pole layer is very large, and the technology is also better than the other two layers. After electrostatic electret treatment, a better filtering effect can be achieved. After the meltblown cloth is treated in this way, there will be a large amount of charge on the surface. Therefore, when we judge whether the middle layer is a meltblown non-woven fabric, we can try it to see if it is sticky.


Disposable Medical Face Mask

Tear the paper towels at home into shreds, and then put the melt-blown non-woven fabric in the middle of this layer on the paper towel. If the paper towel sticks easily to the cloth strip, it can prove that this layer is real.
That is inevitable. Where is the crux of the problem? Often we think that getting to the heart of the problem, everything else will be solved.
The main material of melt-blown non-woven fabrics is polypropylene, which is not a flammable material, so it can be ignited with a lighter. If there is no open flame burning, it is just a melting process, which proves that the layer in the middle is qualified.
Wearing a mask must not be sloppy, so after buying it, you can test it according to the above methods.

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