Disposable Medical Face Mask

Disposable Medical Face Mask

Disposable Medical Face Mask
Disposable Medical Face Mask
Disposable Medical Face Mask
Disposable Medical Face Mask
Disposable Medical Face Mask
Disposable Medical Face Mask

1 General Description

1.1 Device description and specification

Disposable Medical Face Mask is used as barrier for user working in general medical environment to avoid unwanted inhalation or protecting from spray and spill to avoid any unexpected infection of flu or disease.

This device is a disposable product, suitable for the health care of the wearer in the general medical environment and the general care in public health places where there is any risk of bodily fluids and spillage

Disposable Medical Face Mask is going to contact with the intact skin of the user, the fabric is purchased from Huahao nonwovens Co.,Ltd. Which the fabric has been tested according to related compatibility standards including ISO 10993-1:2018, EN ISO10993-5: 2009 and EN ISO 10993-10:2013, please refer to Annex 3 < biocompatibility test report>.

The Disposable Medical Face Mask also must meet the requirements of EN 14683:2019 Type IIR (please refer to: Annex 2 ).

The product images and specificati

on of Disposable Medical Face Masks are shown as below.

Specifi cation: 17.5X9.5cm: 14.5x9.5cm

The device is made of nonwoven SMS fabric, nose clip and ear loops.

                                                      Figurel Product picture& Specifications

Intended Use

Disposable Medical Face Mask can effectively prevent airborne infection and filter out small dust particles.

It is intended use for OR, ER patient care areas, oral, dental procedures, clinics, isolation, IC Practices, pharmacy, patient and other applications.


Packaging and Storage

The products were generally packed 50/100 pcs/box

Also we can pack the quantity and pack system style under the customer's requirements.

The product should be stored in a well-ventilated room without corrosive gases. The products must not be seriously squeezed during the transportation in order to avoid damage of the packaging


How to use the device

1. Open the packaging bag and take out the mask. The mask with the nose bridge is up wards. To cover the nose, mouth and chin with the mask.

2. Fix the elastic band behind the ear, and place the tips of your fingers on the bridge of the nose.

3. Starting press inward with your finger from the middle position, and gradually move to both sides, shape the nose clip, adjust the tightness of the elastic band, and make the mask close to the face.


How to remove the device

When removing the mask, do not touch the front of the mask, remove the mask elastic band first, and only hold the mask band with your hand and throw it into the dustbin.


Shelf Life

5 years


Precaution and Warning

1.It is forbidden to use when the packaging or surface of mask is damaged;
2.This product is a single-use product and it is forbidden to reuse;
3.After open the packaging , please use it in short time;
4.The mask cannot be worn in reverse.
5.Replace mask when it's contaminated or damaged



Please dispose the product after use to comply with local regulation.

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