What are the Characteristics of Self-adhesive Bandage?

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1. Adhesive, elastic fit bandage, strong stretchability, good self-adhesive effect.

2. Consume less each time, only need a few rounds to provide safe and long-lasting retention.

3. It can be firmly adhered, does not stick to the skin or hair, and will not cause irritation to the skin.

4. Good air permeability, skin-friendly.


What do you use self adhesive bandage for?

Suitable for all types of dressing retaining bandages, especially joints and tapered and rounded parts of the body; for securing fillers, medical catheters, etc.


Why Choose Our Self Adhesive Bandages?

1. Kekang self-adhesive bandage has a wide range of applicability, and everyone can have it in case of emergency.

2. Easy to cut or tear, easy to use.

3. Provide good support and apply pressure, the protection effect is very good.

4. It is also flexible enough not to cut off blood circulation under the correct conditions of use.

5. One of the best features is that it can be self-adhesive, so no clips or fasteners are required.

6. You can have self-adhesive bandages for a fraction of the cost.


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