What is Paper Surgical Tape?

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Kekang paper surgical tape is composed of non-woven fabric and medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, which can adhere even if there is sweat on the skin, which can ensure the fixation of dressings, needles and catheters, and is widely used in clinical departments.


What are the characteristics of Kekang paper surgical tape?

Kekang paper surgical tape has the characteristics of hypoallergenic, breathable, good adhesion, non-irritating to the skin, and leaves very little residue after removal. Choose from different styles and sizes to give your patients variety and keep them safe.


1. Mild and soft to the skin

2. Moderate adhesive force, gentle peeling, no residual glue.

3. Hypoallergenic

4. High tensile strength, not easy to break.

5. A variety of specifications meet different clinical needs.

6. Not made of natural rubber latex


Can paper tape irritate skin?

The breathable non-woven tape is ideal for sensitive tapes, suitable for people of different ages, including children and the elderly with fragile skin.



Why Choose Our Paper Surgical Tape?

Kekang medical tape has good user feedback and market reputation, providing better care for patients. Here are some patient stories about Corcon washi tape:


I have used corcon washi tape before and was very happy with how it worked, I am allergic to many adhesives but this tape did not irritate my skin and did not cause pain or redness when removed. This washi tape is very breathable, easy to tear, and stretchy, making it perfect for those of us who live in California. The area we live in is very hot and we sweat all over in the summer. Even so, this tape can still be applied effectively without causing any damage. I will recommend it to my friends because this washi tape works really well.

- United States, Michael, 37 years old


I am very happy with this tape because my profession requires constant wearing of high heels and over time the heel bone wears down and causes pain which is not good for the health of my feet until I ordered this tape. It's light, breathable, clings to the foot effectively, and it's different from other brands because it's really thin, which allows me to wear socks without adding a lot of bulk. It is recommended to clean and dry the skin before using this tape for better results.

- United Kingdom, Anne Jose, 24 years old


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