The COKINGMED’S FIME exhibition of 2023

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On June 21-23,2023, Mr.Huang Peirong, chairman of Kekang Medical, and Ms.Huang Qiongsi, manager of International Trade Department, attended the American International Medical Device Exhibition (FIME) held at the Convention Center in Miami Beach.



This exhibition has a great influence in the North American medical market, attracting more than 1,200 exhibitors from 105 countries, providing a strong support for our company's overseas business development .




At present, the gradual recovery of the global economy has boosted the international demand. Our company adheres to the general tone of seek improvement in stability, builds a new development pattern, starts the brand management of Kekang medical treatment, actively expands overseas markets, and makes Chinese manufacturing to the world





The exhibition ended successfully, an exhibition, a growth, a step. At the same time, our harvest is full, but also with the needs of customers, we continue to deepen the deep cultivation, continuous innovation and learning, and strive to provide customers with the best products and services.

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