What is Kinesio tape?

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Kineio tape was developed in the late 1970s by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor who wanted to develop a tape that supported but did not restrict movement as traditional athletic tape does. 

You can see the athletes using colorful tape on Olympic athletes.That’s kinesiology tape: a therapeutic tape that’s can provide the treatment and prevention of sports injuries.


Properties of Kinesio tape

Kinesiology tape has a lot of elasticity. As Kinesio tape is applied to backing paper, it is pre-stretched by 15-25%. Stretchable to 120-140% of its original length, it recoils towards its original length following application. In a sense, Kinesio tape mimics the physical characteristics of our skin by replicating its thickness and weight, and its inherent elasticity. As it mimics the skin's elasticity, it allows you to move freely.

Kinesio tape is made up of polymer elastic surrounded by 100% cotton fibers, which allow moisture to evaporate. Exercise,swimming, and showering can all be done in Kinesio tape because it is waterproof and breathable. Since it dries quickly, it is rarely irritating to the skin and can last for three to five days if correctly applied.


Benefits of Using Kinesio Tape

1.Reduce or relieve pain

2.Increase blood flow

3.Decrease swelling

4.Decrease inflammation

5.Improve circulation

6.Promote heal up

8.Re-trains muscles

9.Enhances performance

10.Other claims about muscle activation, circulatory, and proprioceptive mechanisms


How to use Kinesiology tape?




1.Start by cleaning and drying the skin

2.Remove excess hair.

3.Cut the tape according to your need, and round the edges.

4..Remove the backing.The usual method for tearing backing paper is to start in the center.or Tear the backing leaving 2-4 centimeters on each end for anchors.

5.Apply the first tab after you have removed the backing paper to anchor the strip and let its end recoil slightly after. The tabs at either end are only there to keep the tape in place.Use the Thera Band Xact Stretch Indicators to apply with 25% or 50% tension and then gently rub the tape

NOTE:In the process of using the tape, the two edges of the tape cannot be stretched, fitting the skin in a natural state.In this way, the tape will not be tilted by the pullback.


What are the main types of kinesiology tape cuts?


There are 3 common cuts used in kinesiology tape application.

1.The I-Cut: The most used kinesiology tape cut. The precut strip roll is all I-Cuts which can easily be turned into Y or Fan cuts too.

2.The Y-Cut: Used for larger areas


3.The Fan Cut: Used to reduce swelling


Choosing Your Kinesiology Tape


Looking for the best kinesiology tape? There are several brands of tape, but here are a few reasons why we think COKINGMED Kinesiology Tape is the best choice.


1.It has best in class adhesion. You want a tape that will stick during exercise, showers, and daily life for up to 5 days.

●One study compared the adhesion of 3 brands of kinesiology tape over 5 days. The study found that COKINGMED Kinesiology Tape did not significantly change in adhesion over 5 days (retaining 70-76% of its original adhesion).


2.It’s easy to apply with the correct tension.

●COKINGMED Kinesiology Tape has Xact Stretch Indicators that make it easy to tell when your tape is stretched 25% and 50%, just look at the square on the tape. (This information is on the back of the tape too in case you need a reminder during application.)


3.No latex and non-irritating formula

●COKINGMED Kinesiology tape has a low level of irritation making it a little safer for people with sensitive skin who want to use tape

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