PU Foam Tape

PU Foam Tape

PU Foam Tape
PU Foam Tape
PU Foam Tape
PU Foam Tape
PU Foam Tape
PU Foam Tape

PU foam tape is made of polyurethane,and its thickness is 0.6-0.8mm,it  is used under adhesive sports tapes to help prevent irritation from repeated taping.It also aids  in painless tape removal.

PU foam,soft and breathable ,good tensile strength,High elasticity.



Apple under adhesive bandages/tapes

Hold pads,wrap under boots,and other athletic footwear

Protective wrap under boots and other athletic footwear.

Hold up sleeves and create a knee strap.


Storage: Should be stored in the environment which relative humidity is no more than 80%, Temperature is between(-5-40 ºC). No corrosion gas,well ventilated and clean room.

Useful life: 3 years.

PU Under wrap tape



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PU Foam Tape PU Foam Tape PU Foam Tape

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