First-aid Bandage

First-aid Bandage

First-aid Bandage
First-aid Bandage
First-aid Bandage
First-aid Bandage
First-aid Bandage

First-aid bandage is composed of non-woven self-adhesive elastic bandage with dressing pad, or PBT bandage(PBT first aid bandage is composed by 70% viscose fiber and 30% polyesler fiber and combined polyethylene anti-stick membrane with the function of absorbing liquid.) with dressing pad, is applied for urgent bleeding-stopping and bandaging.


Product features:

1.Non-woven elastic material.

2.Soft and comfortable,Strong and reliable stickiness.

3.Heavy and stable stretch,freely adjust the tightness of the bandage to avoid poor circulation.

4.Evenly rolled and easy to unwind.

5.No degumming and residue.

Application: Supporting bandages for strains and sprains.Fixing bandages for hot, cold packs.pressure bandages to promote circulation and healing.Compression bandages to help control swelling and stop bleeding. Veterinary bandaging.Applicable to abrasion, cutting wounds,gunshot wounds,burns,chemical burns,ulcers erosion, bleeding.

How to use: Open the sterilized bandage from the sealing bag, fix the dressing pad on the wound, wrap the bandage around the wound, tear it by hand without using scissors.(if it’s PBT material,the scissors is needed and make a knot or use medical tape to fix.)



Bangage (Dressing pad)


5cm X 2.5m(10 X 5cm)


7.5cm X 2.5m(10 X 7.5cm)


10cm X 2.5m(10 X 10cm)


15cm X 2.5m(15 X 15cm)


5cm X 4.5m(10 X 5cm)


7.5cm X 4.5m(10 X 7.5cm)


10cm X 4.5m(10 X 10cm)


15cm X 4.5m(15 X 15cm)

First-aid BandageFirst-aid Bandage

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