Celebrate the 6th anniversary of Zhejiang Kekang Medical Technical Co., Ltd, and continue to set sail

Celebrate the 6th anniversary of Zhejiang Kekang Medical Technical Co., Ltd, and continue to set sail

As the new year begins, Zhejiang Kekang Medical Technical Co., Ltd celebrates its 6th anniversary (from February 10, 2017 to ...

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Kekang new factory

Kekang new factory "get the land and start construction"

On the morning of October 9, 2022, the construction of the Yueqing Bay Marine Economic Digital Electric Micropark project, wh...

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Heavy-adhesive Elastic Bandage EAB

What is the function of elastic bandage?

Elastic bandages are made of natural fibers, which are soft and highly elastic. Mainly used for shell dressing care.

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Cotton Adhesive Elastic Bandage

The role of elastic bandages The correct use of elastic bandages

Elastic bandages are most commonly used in surgical dressing care. For the treatment of some vascular diseases, elastic banda...

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Drill Cloth Adhesive Elastic Bandage

What is the best elastic bandage?

Elastic bandages are used to provide binding force to wound dressings or limbs for bandaging and fixation. Depending on the m...

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Disposable Medical Face Mask

How to distinguish medical masks?

First, regular disposable medical scalpels are packaged, and the product registration number will be strictly indicated on th...

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Disposable Mask

Is there a difference between ordinary disposable masks and medical disposable masks?

There is a big difference, the protective ability Ordinary Disposable Masks < Ordinary Medical Masks < Medical Surgical Masks...

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surgical tape

Global Medical Grade Tape Market Research Report

Also known as surgical tape, medical tapes come in many types and are used in a variety of medical applications, including cl...

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face masks

The epidemic prevention and control is not relaxed, please insist on wearing a mask

Wearing a mask is an important protective measure to prevent respiratory infectious diseases and can reduce the risk of new c...

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How to use a bandage?

Performance: Roll bandages have different specifications and can be used for dressing different parts of the body, such as fi...

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Face mask

How important is it to wear a mask during a pandemic?

The recent epidemic prevention and control situation is severe and complicated, and insisting on wearing face masks scientifi...

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Face mask

Why we must wear masks during the epidemic?

At the end of 2019, the new crown virus broke out in Wuhan, my country with lightning speed. In the face of the menacing new ...

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