The role of elastic bandages The correct use of elastic bandages

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1. The role of elastic bandages

Elastic bandages are most commonly used in surgical dressing care. For the treatment of some vascular diseases, elastic bandages are also used for dressing after varicose vein surgery. When our lower extremity venous blood return causes some swelling and pain obstacles, we also You can use an elastic bandage to gradually improve the darkened and hardened skin. Ulcered skin can also return to a healthy state with the help of elastic bandages. From this point of view, the effects of elastic bandages and elastic stockings are very similar, but because elastic bandages are professional, they are more expensive.
Now we often see many types of elastic bandages on the market, mainly high elastic bandages, cotton elastic bandages and pbt elastic bandages. All of these bandages are sticky to maximize the fixation where we are going to apply them.


Cotton Adhesive Elastic Bandage


2. Correct use of elastic bandages

1). Gauzes with different total widths should be selected according to different positions. Generally, new elastic bandages (width 7.5X450cm) are used for upper limbs, medium-sized elastic bandages (width 10X450cm) are used in front of knees, and small elastic bandages (width) are used for knees. 15*450cm); the way of bundling depends on the purpose of application. The elastic bandages used for the circulatory system should be suitable for the veins, the venous working pressure should be offset, and the working pressure should not be too large to limit the venous return or the aortic blood supply as the standard.
2). After the elastic bandage is tied, it must be leveled without wrinkles, especially at the joints. For example, after the kneecap is moved, the gauze is easy to wrinkle, which makes the popliteal fossa stress, like a tourniquet. The tightness and slack of the coiling should also be moderate, which should be based on personal comfort after bundling. The elastic bandage should be put on every morning before getting up. If the patient is awake, the patient should be put in bed again, and the body should be pulled up to drain the venous blood, and then tied again.

Cotton Adhesive Elastic Bandage
3). When bundling, it is necessary to start from the beginning of the foot, slowly coil up, and tie it all the way to the required aspect ratio. In the whole process of bundling, two-thirds of the adjacent double-layer elastic bandages should be overlapped up and down, otherwise it will not be easy to level after bundling, and go to sleep every night to remove.
4). During the application of the elastic bandage, the color of the body skin and the swelling of the affected side should be observed every day, so as to observe the actual effect. Patients with varicose veins of the lower extremity treated by conservative therapy should apply elastic bandages daily for a long time; patients with deep vein thrombosis must apply elastic bandages during the limited active period or after starting activities, for at least 3 months or even for life Application to maintain superficial veins and communicating veins with heart valve function, reduce or clear pathologies.

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