Zinc Oxide Adhesive Tape

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Zinc oxide tape used widely in first aid kits or a sports physiotherapist’s treatment bag. But the range of tapes available is vast, and it can be hard to know which one to choose. It’s important to know what the best tape to use is, depending on your needs, to choose correctly between zinc oxide tape, kinesiology tapemicroporous tapes, or other sports tapes. We COKINGMED will answer the questions in this article—what is zinc oxide tape, what does zinc oxide tape do, what is zinc oxide tape used for.


What is zinc oxide tape?



Zinc oxide tape is widely used in the medical industry, athletes and sports physical therapists. Its name comes from zinc oxide -based adhesive, which covers the back of the non -tight cotton tape. The zinc oxide tape is strong enough to provide effective support for the need to be fixed to protect or prevent the joints that may be damaged. Zinc oxide adhesive is friendly to the skin and is firmly fixed in the appropriate position.


Zinc oxide tape: Where to buy?



Zinc oxide tape is a popular and extensive product due to its effectiveness and versatility. You can find it in most well-stocked pharmacies or online. COKINGMED has supplied sports teams and medical organizations for over twenty years. You can choose from various width and zinc oxide tape and other popular tapes on our website.


How does zinc oxide tape work?



The strong sticky lining of zinc oxide tape is very sticky, so it is easily fixed on the skin, dressing, filling, and fixing it on itself, so that the application is safe and strong.


In order to maximize its benefits, it is important to know how to apply zinc oxide tape. You can easily apply it directly to the skin to fix the dressing, protect seaweed and blisters, or protect joints and digits through immobilization.


When using zinc oxide tape to strap and support a joint by reducing movement, you should begin by applying the tape in several strips around the base of the joint. Then, begin layering additional strips along the extended limb or digits on the opposite side of where you want to reduce mobility. This will hold the limb or digit securely in place and protect it from bending in the undesired direction.


We offer online sports taping courses so you can ensure you learn how to use zinc oxide tape safely. 


Typically conforming to the area where it is applied, zinc oxide tape is normally sticky and does not stretch. If it is wrapped around large muscles during activity, therefore, discomfort and restriction of blood flow can occur.


What is zinc oxide tape used for?


Because of its durability and versatility, there are many zinc oxide tape. Zinc oxide tape is usually used by sports therapy professionals, physical therapists and medical professionals, whether it is emergency or providing hospital care.




Professional physical therapists usually use zinc oxide gum to bring the treatment of patients to recover. Many damage and physical condition can benefit from the support of zinc oxide tape to help binding during rehabilitation. Recording can help reduce the symptoms of pain and protect the damage itself due to its rigidity and support quality.


Athletic Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention:


The rigid structure and strong sticky back of zinc oxide tape make it one of the best products for preventive or protective measures. Zinc oxide tape can be used before possible to support the damage during joints and muscle excessive stretching. Zinc oxide tape is also usually used in the joints of athletes to stabilize and support injured areas, so that athletes can continue to move.

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