Unite As One, Fight The Epidemic Together!

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The big "enemy" is now, united in one!

 At a time when the whole society is actively responding to the front line of support, Kekang is preparing for the production of disposable masks and other medical protective products, and doing its best to make a meager contribution to the motherland and society.

 Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, the country has faced a shortage of a large number of medical protective materials. Especially after the epidemic, a large number of companies resume work, and the demand for disposable masks will greatly increase. It is reported that the leaders of Yueqing City visited and inspected medical protective equipment manufacturers for several days and encouraged qualified enterprises to produce more varieties of medical protective equipment.

 Taking into account the seriousness of the epidemic, citizens cannot go out without masks, and companies cannot resume work without masks. We empathize. As a company capable of producing masks in Wenzhou, Kekang took the initiative to connect with city leaders and staff, responded to the government's call, and immediately decided to start production once. After the equipment is put in place, the daily production of 50,000 disposable masks for medical protective products such as sexual masks can help alleviate the current shortage of disposable masks.

Recently, Yueqing Science and Technology Bureau vacated 600 square meters of space in the Yueqing Electronic Information Technology Accelerator Park, which solved the problem of tight space after our company increased production capacity. The confidence in the expansion of the site has doubled. Today, the company has invested nearly 2 million yuan to prepare for the launch of a new production line. At the same time, we quickly activated the emergency plan, summoned the employees back to the village to join the battle of producing “masks” to ensure market demand.

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